Grow Your Own Mint

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Our grow your own mint kit is a thoughtful gift that will make your desk look and smell great! It's suitable for planting novices or green-fingered garden lovers. Inside the recyclable box is everything you would ever need to start growing your own DIY mint straight from home.

The plant in our grow your own mint kit is extremely versatile, you could use it in cooking, make a delicious & calming mint tea or you could muddle it with lime juice and sugar for summery mojitos!

What makes us different from other grow your own kits? Our seeds come from reputable UK suppliers and all of the box contents are fully recyclable.

We also guarantee the seeds, so if they don't germinate we'll send you more.

What's in the box?
1 x recyclable seed tray.
1 x professional soil pellet.
1 x wooden label stick.
1 x packet of seeds.
Instructions on how to grow and take care of your new plant.