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Having plants at home can be a very relaxing and recharging element of your household. Not only do they clean air and provide you with fresh oxygen, but the green colour of plants tends to also put us at ease and relax our mind. However, with the busy everyday schedule of many people, it is sometimes hard to keep them alive. 


But there might be a solution for everyone. 


A cactus can be a great alternative to have in your home since they bring subtle beauty and an incredible visual experience, especially when they flower. The only thing you need to ensure when growing these plants in your home is to have them in the right place. Numerous benefits of growing these succulents indoors exceed the downsides.  Indoor cactus can boost your productivity, make you breathe better, and make you feel happy. They also make your house feel like a home and have unique therapeutic properties.  


Read more to discover more benefits of having cacti plants in your home


  1. Stress Reduction

Many studies have been conducted to establish the effect of indoor plants on stress levels in humans. A study conducted in 2010 confirmed that indoor plants could reduce tension/anxiety, depression, fatigue, and feelings of anger.

If you had just one or a couple of these plants in your house, you will already be able to spot the difference.


  1. Feeling Happier

Taking care of your plant can bring positive feelings as well as feelings of accomplishment. Studies find taking care of plants can bring equal levels of happiness and accomplishment as taking care of a pet. Furthermore, the cactus plant doesn’t require an expert to take care of it. 


  1. Better air quality

We all know plants ensure that we breathe fresh air on a daily basis. Having a plant right inside of your house can drastically increase the quality levels of air at your home. This often results in your mood being better as well. 


  1. NASA Case 

In 1973, NASA scientists conducted a scientific study that identified over 107 volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air inside one of their space stations.

Astronauts of the station often suffered breathing difficulties and other respiratory complications that were later identified as The Sick Building Syndrome. Experiments were initiated to help deal with the issue, and one of the tests involved growing plants inside the space station. After a few months of growing plants inside the station, it was discovered that the number of VOCs had not only been reduced but eliminated altogether.



  1. Therapeutic and medical properties

Many pet owners talk to their pets which as a result has therapeutic benefits on the well-being of the pet owner as well as the pet itself. However, did you know the same applies to talking to plants?  The plants can actively benefit from interaction and often many believe that talking can help plants grow faster. 

The reason for that being could also be that when speaking, you are releasing carbon dioxide, which plants need to manufacture food. This means that when you talk closely to your indoor cactus, it gets extra carbon dioxide allowing it to speed up photosynthesis.


  1. Productivity Boost

Numerous tests have concluded that having a cactus plant in your home can increase productivity by over 12%! This is because they help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air can make us tired, restless, anxious, and can also cause headaches making us less productive.


  1. Headache Relief 

Not only can fresh air produced by a cactus make us more productive, but it can also help us with treating the constantly recurring headaches. By having cacti plants inside the house, you could reduce the amount of air impurities by over 50% by lowering the amount of dust and bacterial build-up. 


  1. Enhancing your memory

Psychology research conducted by the University of Michigan in the United States outlined a wide range of mind-blowing benefits one enjoys when interacting with nature. Interaction can mean taking a walk in the park, looking at plant photographs, or growing plants in your home. The study showed that interacting with nature can enhance one’s memory by up to 20%, leading to improved performance.


  1. Sense of responsibility 

Taking care of a plant and ensuring its life longevity can encourage us to grow our sense of responsibility which can positively affect our personal as well as professional life in the long run. Having duties such as watering the cactus and making sure it's getting the right amount of sunlight, can shape the character from a young age. Because cactus is not extremely demanding, it is a great starting plant for young children when planting the seed of responsibility in them. 


  1. Classic and timeless Decoration

The Cactus plant doesn’t only have plentiful wellbeing benefits but it is also a very aesthetically pleasing plant. With several different shapes, sizes, and shades of green, it can perfectly complement your home décor. 


Cactus plants are great plants to have in your home since they bring subtle beauty and an incredible visual experience, especially when they flower. The only thing you need to ensure when growing these plants in your home is to have them in the right place. If you would like to grow your own cactus plant visit The Lovely Stuff Company and find out more about how you can grow your very own cactus plant.