The Winter Sunflower

Posted by David Lucas on

As the cold nights draw in, we at the lovely stuff company have been wondering… Can you grow a sunflower in winter? So, what better thing to do is to try it out!

First things first what type of sunflower should we grow? I’m thinking a red one as it will fit in with all the festivities!

Second question, inside or outside. For me I get the most amount of winter sun on my green house, so I think that will be the best position. If you have a conservatory that gets sun in the day, that would be just as good.

***Update March 2022***

After much effort, love and determination we unfortunately failed to successfully grow a sunflower in the winter. We started with 5 red sunflowers, two were potted the rest left in a larger pot where they were quickly eaten... Of the final two, one died to frost (in the greenhouse) and the cat ate the head of the final survivor...

So can you grow a sunflower in winter. No, no you can't.