Why wildflowers are so important for bee conservation

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Did you know to produce a kilogram of honey, bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world in air miles? Or that the type of flower the bees take the nectar from determines the honey's flavour? Also, bees really don't want to sting you because they die.

Bees are most certainly one of the most hard-working species on this planet with increasingly less and less credit given, however, if we don't change the way we preserve the environment for bees, we will soon feel the direct impact of lack of bees in our daily lives.

As the world is becoming more modern and industrialized, bees are  slowly but surely becoming an endangered species on this planet. Oftentimes, bees are being considered as an unnecessary insect that hasn’t gained too much love from people. But what people don't often realize is that  bees are one of the most crucial players that help with the growth of vital fruits important for our health.

Continue reading to find out why bees are important for our future and what can help increase the retention of large bee families.

Why are bees important?

The reason why the conservation of bees is important is that many of the fruits, vegetables and nuts we consume daily rely on insect pollination. For example, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and apples need to be pollinated by insects to get a good crop. At the moment, we might not be realizing but bees are doing this hard work autonomously and for free! But if the world will experience a shortage of bee population, we may be forced to develop artificial pollination methods, which takes a lot of time and is also expensive.

Furthermore, many experts in the field know, insects and other animals can also help in the fight against crop pests (animals and insects that damage crops and plants). The lower the level of bee families fighting the crop pests the higher the use of pesticides is. This affects the quality of the produce and consequently the quality of our health.

How can wildflowers help bees thrive?

Wildflowers provide lots of things that insects need: food in the form of leaves, nectar and pollen, shelter and places to breed. In return, insects take care of their habitat by pollinating the wildflowers, enabling them to develop seeds and spread them to grow in other places.

However, keeping insects alive also contributes to the well-functioning cycle of life as they are eaten by birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals.

During winter when there is less food available, wildflower seeds are not only an important food source for bees but also for birds and small mammals. Lastly, wildflowers can also be really helpful to keep soil healthy. When wildflowers become established and spread their roots, they stabilise the surrounding soil.

A recent study conducted by ecologist Claire Carvell confirmed bees thrive much more in an environment with wildflowers than anywhere else. Claire has studied bees in their natural habitat to distinguish what environment is best suitable for the conservation of bumblebees.

The team of researchers selected a variety of areas including grasslands, woods, villages, and bee-friendly flower and nesting sites. After careful observation and collection of DNA samples, researchers distinguished which bee families have survived and are carrying on to the next year. Bees living within a kilometre of wildflower areas or fields did far better than any other group of bees.

Interestingly enough, wildflowers don’t only serve for the survival of bees but have a direct impact on our health as well. Numerous scientific and medical drugs contain wildflowers’ compounds to treat diseases.

If you’re interested in helping the bees, all it takes is a few square feet of lawn or a potted plant.

You might find it helpful to include sand, mud, and patches of bare ground for a bee. To ensure the continuity of wildflowers blooming, the best is to plant a mix of wildflowers, so that they are blooming throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

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